A lot of the time The Butterfly Armoury is just me, Rob Macdonald. At other times it is me and a whole bunch of ring-ins who help me make good content. 

But who am I? I am a director, writer, shooter and editor. I also make a killer Caribbean hot sauce. I co-wrote, produced and directed an 8-part scripted comedy called I Rock for the ABC (clips below) and shot,

directed, edited and produced an unscripted comedy documentary Kings with Wings that aired on fox sports. You can watch that online in three parts here:

I have produced countless hours of content for a vast array of clients over the past decade both in Australia and overseas - a personal favourite being the riveting story of the manufacture and delivery of sheet


I live in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW where I have my studio but am Sydney-based for work. Even better - I travel!

SO - if you need something shot or written, know what you want or don't even know where to begin, please feel free to get in touch and we can take it from there.

I may even share my hot-sauce recipe.

So give me a bell +61 421 087 753

Or shoot me a note